Monday, March 2, 2009

Breaking News: Beckham to Stay With Milan

Beckham ShrugDavid Beckham and his loaner club AC Milan have been trying to make his loan deal permanent for about the last 6 weeks because the current deal expires March 9th when he will be required to return to the Los Angeles Galaxy for the beginning of the MLS season.  As of two weeks ago MLS said that a deadline had been set for a transfer negotiations to take place, but the teams could not come to an agreement and those arangements expired most likely due to the fact that Beckham can buy out of his contract at the end of this MLS season in November (reportedly: AC Milan not going above $3 million & the Galaxy not willing to accept less than $10 million).  A source at the Los Angeles Times tonight reports that the two clubs have however reached an agreement on the extension of his loan to the end of the European season.  The rumored deal would see Beckham return to the Galaxy in mid-July at about two-thirds the way through the MLS season and then this fall he would be able to buy-out and join Milan free and clear.  No numbers have been reported on what kind of sum Milan will be giving the Galaxy for Beckhams services over the next two and half months but I speculate it'll most definitely be below the original $3 million offered for full transfer but I sincerely doubt that the Galaxy will be accepting of anything less than $1.25 million, considering the loss in marketing, sales, and attendance not to mention the quality on the field.

Beckham nears deal to finish Milan season - ESPNsoccernet

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