Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the Singularity of the Trinity

On the Singularity of the Trinity

The Doctrine of the Trinity has been the basis of Church policy and practice for over 1600 years.  In building up what is supposedly a monotheistic religion around multiple divine beings, the Church has sectioned itself off from the rest of western religion.  Potential Jewish and Muslim converts, who were not raised in neo-Trinitarian societies (virtually everywhere outside of the Americas and Western Europe), find themselves taken aback and confused by the Doctrine.  What's worse is that many of the Church's parishioners, who claim allegiance to the Trinity, do not themselves understand the full meaning of their words when they ascribe thanks, "in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."  While it may have been sufficient from the Middle Ages up through the Renaissance for the common person to have almost no understanding of the beliefs they were practicing, it is not so today; today a much greater portion of the population has the ability to read and write, practice religious or denominational freedom, and seek a general understanding of their religious institutions' practices.  The Trinity is an exclusivist ideal at heart; that is, it is difficult to understand without a previous experience in Christianity and therefore, necessarily keeps outsiders out.  Exclusivism is quite contradictory to traditional Christian thought on the conversion, in which it has been practice to make as much of the world Christian as possible, sometimes regardless of peoples' personal preference.  This exclusivism breeds a superiority complex in many Christian believers; the fact that one cannot understand, or at least make the claim of understanding, the Doctrine without being in the faith in earnest, makes those within Christianity feel that they are somehow better than those outsiders who they should in all reality be attempting to convince, but are really merely holding contempt for.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Telephone Killed the Romantic in Me

You've Got MailEvolution is a cornerstone of communication in society.  If communication were to become stagnant then it would eventually break down and disappear entirely just as if the gene pool of a particular being were to stop changing that species would eventually die out.  Evolution is a necessity of communication.  However it seems as though, for the past 150 years, that this evolutionary process has made a misstep in direction.  As technology has advanced at a more and more rapid pace so too has the evolution of communication; in only the past century and half we've seen the rise of telephone, music, worldwide postal service, film, television, fax, and most recently the internet which has spawned a vast array of new forms including email, discussion board, instant message, voice over internet protocol, and video communication.  The problem is that with the recent strain of comm. tools communication has become depersonalized and romance has almost entirely fallen out of most forms.  Couple the depersonalization with the fact that much of the communication forms used throughout the West have actually caused devolution in language.  The Internet and telecommunications, it seems, are most responsible for this devolution because they emphasize speed and productivity.  This paper will discuss, primarily, why people need personal communication, the timeline for the evolution/devolution of communication, why this is a problem, and finally present possible solutions to the issue.

Why Religion Matters according to Huston Smith

Scientism is the enemy of culture and knowledge according to Smith. In order to further advance the knowledge of our civilization we must put away our strict bias toward science as the only haven for the answers to our great questions. We must, once again, as before the scientific revolution spun off in to scientism, allow the humanities to make their own attempt at an answer. Philosophy and religion are now seen more as pagan ritual than educating practice in the modern society. Smith purports that a civilization which is able to view things from both a quantitative (science) and qualitative (art) perspective will be much better off than the one in which one discipline is so greatly outweighed by the other, as is now the case.

Technological Innovation: Of Abundance and Want

The existence of a leisure class and the want for change are two key societal factors necessary for technological innovation. There are surely other things that factor in, such as the availability of materials, relative usefulness, and supranational interactions among many others, but the most important for the evolution of technology are the creative minds provided by a leisured class and the lesser limits that are imposed by a society open to change.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Semper Tempus Fugit

time-fliesIts been a while since I've made a post.  The last week I have been quite consumed with studying for my midterms.  Now that they are complete and spring break has officially begun I'll be able to return to my usual doings.  Especially that, beginning Monday, I'll be on paid vacation from work for the entire week. The hotel I work at may just collapse under my absence.  This week I'm hoping will be all partying and writing papers for me. I do hope to make some progress on Champions League before FIFA Ultimate Team comes out (I've only got about 14% more of the player's cards to acquire).  Maybe work gets done, maybe it doesn't: I'm just glad that I'll finally have some time to myself to relax.  St Patrick's Day is only three days from now; ready the potato soup and whiskey.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Gaming Today

Gaming Today


This Weeks Gaming Releases

This Tuesday will see the release of Trivial Pursuit on 360 and many other consoles: I'm quite interested to see how well this turns out myself.  On the same day SBK: Superbike World Championship.  Wednesday sees NCAA 09 March Madness Edition DLC for the upcoming tourney.  And Friday will have the long awaited, much anticipated release of Resident Evil 5.  Thank god Spring Break is up next week, time to kill some zombies.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gaming Lagoon

Gaming LagoonJust wanted to let you all know of a great website I've been using over the last few months.  It's called Gaming Lagoon and from it you'll be able to get almost any gaming product you like for free and all you've got to do is fill out some surveys.  Pretty much you just follow some advertise-surveys and their sponsors pay them, therefore they can buy you stuff.  I've pretty much just stuck with Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 since they just email the code right to you, but you can have them send you virtually anything that can be found on Amazon.  Follow the link for more info and to sign up.

Gaming Lagoon

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gaming Today

Gaming Today - March 6th 2009


Hands on with the Left4Dead DLC

IGN has a good hands on preview of the soon to be released "survival pack" for Valve's zombie hit Left4Dead.  The DLC will hit some time in March or April or Valve is reportedly trying to get the DLC released at no cost to the consumer.  The pack will contain a whole new game type, Survival Mode, and new versus maps. Valve is probably the best publisher around for aftermarket content at no cost. One of the four preview videos here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

West Ham v Wigan Athletic

wiganwestham350gWest Ham bested the Latics 1-0 at the JJB Wednesday.  A game which saw nine cards shown in just ninety minutes.  Carlton Cole scored the game winner in the 34th minute only to be sent off minutes later for a reckless challenge after having already been booked earlier.  After the his second booking the two teams had a bit of a skirmish.  Wigan's Cattermole was sent off in the 52nd minute for diving into the back of Scotty Parker.

The Football News

barclays-logo_54CONCACAF Champions League Update

The Houston Dynamo fell to Atlante in Cancun last night 3-0 (4-1 on aggregate).  Overall the Dynamo held possession for most of the game but failed to d0 much when they were able to get inside the box, with the Atlante forwards doing well to cash in on the counter-attack.  Of note is the harassment Kei Kamara received throughout the match: not five minutes went by without him being shoved around by the Atlante defenders away from play.

Gaming Today

achievement_unlocked1N'Gai to Go

N'Gai Croal is getting out of the video game punditry business for good.  Croal, best known for his appearances on G4 and on the television news networks in defense of gaming and his racism related claims on the most recent Resident Evil.  Apparently Newsweek, the magazine which pays all his bills, is having their second round of voluntary contract buyouts and N'Gai decided it was time to move on to the more hands on aspect of the entertainment industry.  In an interview with Kotaku Croal said:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today's Around the Net

Around the Net - March 3rd 2009Mint

Sumolounge - SumoSac Gigantor

Talk about the ultimate in gaming comfort... I'd just love to have one of these sitting in front of my plasma.  Or everywhere throughout my apartment.  The only thing holding me back?  The $400 price tag; a bit hefty for a bean bag if you ask me.

How NOT to Prepare for the LSAT

I myself hope to never have to take the LSAT, but I've got plenty of friends who will be taking it or have already taken it in the past.

The Football News

MLS Chester SoccerThe race for the next MLS expansion spot just got a little simpler with MLS Commissioner Don Garber and FC Barcelona representatives today announcing that they were both backing out of negotiations on the subject.  Seems as though Miami is not ready for another franchise:
After extensive discussions and collaborative evaluation a decision was made that at this time because it was determined that it was not feasible to launch a Major League Soccer team in South Florida in 2010 due to adverse market conditions.

I'd rather see Miami never get a new team seeing as how the last one there crashed and burned mostly due to the city and its citizens themselves.  Unlike San Jose where

Gaming Today

Gaming Today - March 3 2009

Mass Effect

Bioware, the creators of Knights of the Old Republic & Mass Effect, have hired 30 new staff members to work with their Edmonton office. The new staffers will be working out of EA Montreal.  Hopefully this is the team set to be working on Mass Effect 2, currently up for a 2010 release.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Breaking News: Beckham to Stay With Milan

Beckham ShrugDavid Beckham and his loaner club AC Milan have been trying to make his loan deal permanent for about the last 6 weeks because the current deal expires March 9th when he will be required to return to the Los Angeles Galaxy for the beginning of the MLS season.  As of two weeks ago MLS said that a deadline had been set for a transfer negotiations to take place, but the teams could not come to an agreement

Today's Around the Net

Around the Net - March 2nd 2009

Science of Watchmen

Professor James Kakalios of the University of Minnesota goes into great detail about the physics of Dr. Manhattan from the comic/movie The Watchmen.  How did he acquire his powers? How does his power of multiple imagry work?  How do these relate to real life/theoretical physics?

A Razor Made for Gamers


United to Replace Ronaldo with Ribery?

Franck RiberyFranck Ribery's agent, Alain Miggliaccio, is telling the world that Manchester United is set to make a switch for the Bayern Munich star French midfielder should they decide to cash in on Real Madrid's nonstop pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo.  United would surely get a pretty penny for the Portugese star and the earlier reported £200,000/week salary for him is a bit excessive for a single player, however I can't imagine the Old Tratford faithful would take such a deal with a grain of salt.  Expect a Red Army uprising should something like this actualize.

Man United lining up Ribery to replace Ronaldo? - ESPNsoccernet

Gaming Today

Gaming Today - March 2nd 2009

Resident Evil 4Microsoft today confirmed that Watchmen: The End is Nigh will be releasing this Wednesday for 1600 MSP. Traditionally games of this price range have been fairly hefty in content and quality, hopefully this one will follow suit.

Xbox Press: Make It a "Watchmen" Week

All the hoopla over the racism in the most recent RE game, Resident Evil 5, is unfounded according to the British Board of Film Classification.  In an interview with Kikizo a representative of the BBFC stated that they saw nothing which they could deem as potentially racist, contradicting much of what has been said in many previous analyses. I personally think all the hell that's been raised about this is ludicrous.  Of course the zombies are going to be black: its Africa after all. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today's Around the Net

Around the Net - March 1st 2009

Doritos5 Tips to Help You Get Productive - Surviving College Life

2. Keep Important Docs Online. Stop worrying about carrying your laptop or a flash drive with you everywhere (or worse, emailing yourself) so you can work on your essays whenever you need them. Instead, switch over to using an online doc management system like Google Docs so you can access your favorite excel spreadsheets anytime, anywhere.

Though I'd personally suggest using Microsoft's new Live Mesh program which will

There's Only One


The Watchmen

The Watchmen SmileyWatchmen: The End is Nigh, an xbox live arcade game set for release to conincide with the movie release will sell for 1600 microsoft points, about $20.  While the previews and screenshots look excellent, I'm a bit on the fence about purchasing this one.  I just hope that its somwhere near the quality of the Penny Arcade releases and then I'll have no regrets.

Watchmen: The End is Nigh Priced - 1Up

West Ham v. Manchester City

West Ham Away 07-08West Ham climbed up to seventh in the English Premier League table thanks to their 1-0 defeat of Manchester City on Sunday.  The teenager Jack Collison of Watford scored the match's lone goal in the 71st minute off a Savio cross and a Given parry.  The game saw Valon Behrami stretchered off with a twisted knee and also the return of Craig Belamy to Upton Park in the second half where the boobirds were in full attendance after his transfer in January.  The win, moving the Hammers into 7th place in the most recent standings,

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Couldn't Agree More

I Met the Walrus - Piss for Peace!

Apparently some 14 year old kid way back in 1969 snuck in to John Lennon's hotel room up in good 'ole Canada and forced him to do an interview.  This here video which includes said interview won the Oscar for best short last year, 2008.

Today's Around the Net

Around the Net - February 28th, 2009

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="135" caption="Mmmm Vodka"]Mmmm Vodka[/caption]

The Many Uses of Vodka

We've all from time to time imbibed a bit too much of the Soviet Sauce


[caption id="attachment_11" align="alignleft" width="92" caption="John Chimpo"]John Chimpo[/caption]

This will be my first post using WordPress and my first ever on my own domain SeanBenton.org / SeanBenton.net / SeanBenton.info which will all be up and running shortly I hope.  This here blog will not be so much about me personally, but about things I find around the net and in news, things that interest me, and I'm sure that a few rantings will make their way into here as well.