Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Around the Net - March 1st 2009

Doritos5 Tips to Help You Get Productive - Surviving College Life

2. Keep Important Docs Online. Stop worrying about carrying your laptop or a flash drive with you everywhere (or worse, emailing yourself) so you can work on your essays whenever you need them. Instead, switch over to using an online doc management system like Google Docs so you can access your favorite excel spreadsheets anytime, anywhere.

Though I'd personally suggest using Microsoft's new Live Mesh program which will sync your folders from multiple devices and leave them up-to-date online.  Also, at least with OU's email, using a program like Microsoft Outlook will keep you from constantly venturing over to to check your email, because it will alert you to anything new and you can read it in just a single click.

Hard-Partying Resident Always Wakes Up Hard-Working Roommate - Tales From a Rogue Resident Assistant

Sportscenter, Doritos, and the light. And then he sits down at his computer and begins typing away. Or he'll take phone calls on his cell. How rude is this guy?

Sounds like every year of college ever.  Whether in the dorms with people running up and down the halls at 5am or four years later in an apartment where athe neighbors party every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Damn band kids!

Want a job? Don't major in business. - Study Hacks

You don’t need to spend four years at college majoring in business to learn the skills you need for your first job. In almost every case, you’ll be taught what you need to know by your employer. If more advanced training is needed, you’ll get an MBA down the road. No one expects an entry-level hire to take over the accounting department.

This student sounds like a brainiac! The two dozen business majors vying for the same job, on the other hand, come across like backwards trolls by comparison.

I couldn't agree more.  It seems like every time I've gone home in the last two years my mom wants me to major in business.  You don't need a degree in business to get a job in the "business" sector.

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