Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gaming Today

Gaming Today - March 3 2009

Mass Effect

Bioware, the creators of Knights of the Old Republic & Mass Effect, have hired 30 new staff members to work with their Edmonton office. The new staffers will be working out of EA Montreal.  Hopefully this is the team set to be working on Mass Effect 2, currently up for a 2010 release.

BioWare Forms New Montreal Team For Mass Effect 2 - 1UP

EA is releasing some DLC for March Madness.  NCAA Basketball 2009: March Madness Edition will be full stand-alone DLC.  In other words, you won't actually need the disc game in order to play it.  At 1200 points its a bit steep-priced, but word is that if you have played the game itself you'll get the DLC free.  The game will include all the teams from last years tournament and after selection-sunday all of this years as well as updated stats and rosters.


A little bit more of  RE5 preview action with more of how Chris and Sheva must work together.


The Best Buy launch party for Resident Evil 5 which is taking place in Penns. with zombies, real army men and guns, etc. has a few viral videos out for the build up to the party.  Pretty standard zombie lore here, but they make it fit in with RE canon fairly well.

Blood Red Carpet Event

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